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A very important part of Norad Group is represented by its service centers. These are the tool that assure a good functioning of the cooling equipments sold by Norad.


Fuoristrada and Norad Smb are two service organizations, true partners in quality

Navigate on the map above you have the guarantee of finding the addresses of the   flexible, dynamic and extremely mobile service teams formed by experienced people. These provide complete technical assistance to all customers, applying a response time according to each customer need.

Depending on the situation, for some of the customers we have the possibility to answer within 4h from the moment the technical problem was announced.


Our service support includes:

  • Equipment installation & programming

  • Training the customer operators on-site

  • Maintenance and technical assistance

  • Complete service support 24h/day, 7 days/week

  • Sanitation and complete solutions for filtration and purification of water, beer, juice and any type of equipments that serve drinks, using besides classical methods its brevetted invention “ µSterilDraft® ”.




µSterilDraft® is a mobile tool used for maintaining and cleaning and in an automatic rate, the pipe line and installation for cooling and dispensing beer and soft drinks in PREMIX and POSTMIX systems.

The technology used in µSterilDraft® cleans the installation through the pressure of alternating fluid action generated by a hydraulic pump. The flow rate is about 5.8 l/min and all the cycles time in automatic rate is 5 min 30 sec.

It can be used for all installation for cooling and dispensing beer and soft drinks and it is compatible with all types of coupling to connect to the circuit. µSterilDraft® equipment is easy to handle and offers information about the its function, the cycle and the operative phase through its running time from a supervising microchip.

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